Thinking About Buying a Business?

Successful business owners share the traits of enthusiasm, drive, and organization. Entrepreneurs are energized by challenge and the ability to call the shots. When an entrepreneur buys a business, they get more than simple assets. You will buy and control a cash flow that can be expanded with fresh ideas and new operational or marketing perspective.

Buying the right business will likely be one of the most important decisions in your life. Brokers at the Crestone Business Group employ a consultative sales approach with clients, coaching buyers and sellers on industry outlook, exit strategy, business valuation and commercial funding. The Crestone Business Group specializes in business sales and acquisitions of firms in the mid-market segment, ranging in price from $250,000 to over $25,000,000. Crestone offers a wide variety of high cash flow businesses for buyers and investors and smaller affordable businesses that are perfect for first time business owners. See our most current Colorado listings here.

At the Crestone Business Group, all the businesses we sell share one common trait – they are profitable. Whether you are a first time buyer or are a seasoned investor, you can count on the brokers at Crestone to shepherd each business transfer through negotiation, due diligence and closing, maintaining a positive outcome for our buyers, owners, employees and all stakeholders.